Engineering this website

In its nearly-4-year history, this website has had a rich history. In addition to the content changing, over that period it has incorporated (and later removed) eCommerce, polls and email-based workflows. 

Blogging has always been separate because the website was built on Google App Engine and I could not find a suitable blogging engine. I used Wordpress for blogging. But using a separate engine for blogging does not provide a smooth transition between the website and the blog. Integrating SEO between the two is not easy either.

This latest set of changes to the website takes the work of  Ivan De Marino, which was based on Nick Johnson't Bloggart, and integrates it into the website. 

Starting from Ivan's distribution, a few additional changes were necessary:
  • Additional pages, such as Contact Us, built using the standard helloworld pattern.
  • Conversion from Python 2.5 and Django 0.96 to Python 2.7 and Django 1.2.