How to Get Professional Assistance When You Can’t Afford It

Some thoughts while preparing for  this panel discussion on Tuesday.

First, a little bit about Early Stage IT. We do IT for Early Stage companies. No, not installing machines type of stuff. More like IT strategy and execution, especially web applications. Our positioning is exactly in this space: startups. What attracts me to this space is that it's very dynamic, it attracts a lot of very smart people who are not only smart, but can get things done and make concepts come to life. We started a couple of years ago, and it took a while to get things going — a long dry spell in a lousy economy — but things have started to turn around, and I'm happy about that.

Let me talk first about a failure. It's kind of the right of passage in the startup world, right? We built this web site for helping High School seniors search and apply for scholarships. We built the web site on Google App Engine. I coded most of it, and we had a young woman helping out.

She had dropped out of the workplace about 6 years ago when her second child was born, and now that he ...